Real-time central management of POS with Retail-J.

MICROS Retail-J is an integrated, web-enabled suite of in-store and central applications suited to the needs of medium and large retailers. Using the latest tools and technology, MICROS Retail-J offers real-time central management and control of EPoS/PoS and PDAs, giving you unprecedented visibility into trading performance, lower cost of ownership and a robust platform for your business information requirements.

Fully proven in the retail environment, we continuously enhance our store systems to ensure their functional and technical features meet the ever-changing demands of businesses like yours. MICROS Retail-J:

  • Is web-enabled - giving head office managers, remote workers and store staff access to the company network from anywhere in the world
  • Is network-centric - for a real-time view of sales and stock and helping managers respond faster to optimise replenishment and profitability
  • Is platform independent - ideal for use on multiple hardware platforms in mixed store estates, reducing integration and new hardware costs
  • Uses web forms - to automate workflow and personnel records, allowing staff to concentrate on selling
  • Is flexible - with best-of-breed functionality and the capability to meet the needs of the most demanding retail environments
  • Is scalable - ideal for changing retail operations and business needs, and reducing
    the costs to change
  • Reduces cost of ownership - minimising hardware, integration, support and maintenance costs

For more than 25 years, we have gained in-depth experience and expertise in specifying and implementing EPoS solutions in all retail sectors.

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