MICROS Retail Assistant

Personalising the extended store experience

Whilst choice, availability and value are key to any shopper's requirements, for many a personalised experience will drive loyalty and increased spend. Providing access in store to extended ranges via the website or mobile only provides a basic service, it fails to provide the personal guidance that customers seek from a store visit and interaction with knowledgeable and skilled sales staff.

MICROS Retail Assistant is a touch operated application that is able to run all types of tablets and browser based mobile devices. It is powered by the MiRetail Hub which brings the flexibility of workflow management and flexible integration using services and data providers. The graphical modelling capabilities allow you the Retailer to define the journeys you want your sales staff to have and your consumers demand.

The one to one interaction in store is very different to the current service transactions delivered using existing applications via kiosk, POS or Web. It is interactive and flexible with the emphasis on sharing information with the customer to achieve a consultative transaction resulting in a sales basket rather than restricting the transaction flow into simply adding items to a basket.

Empowering sales staff to engage with customers on the shop floor armed with product knowledge, and defined best practice workflow that encourages sales conversion is compelling. Coupled with access to cross channel information on stock, orders and buying history allows them to deliver exceptional customer service. This power is deliverable today using our uniquely flexible and integrated solution.

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